Expert Talk: David Weinberger on knowledge, big data, big science and paradigm shifts

“Computers start stitching information together by crawling through and hopping among all these different pieces. That enables us to study some things that we just couldn’t study before and to do so in new ways. So that is a very important development in the history of science”

“Filters are no longer reductive, so it’s no longer a pyramid, it’s a web. It’s a network, that’s the new shape of knowledge”

“We are much more aware that what we see is just a small bit of an ocean, of a shifting ocean, that is connected to the rest of the ocean”

Today in our video section: Technologist, professional speaker and commentator David Weinberger.

David Weinberger argues that the massive amounts of data necessary to deal with complex phenomena exceed any single brain’s ability to grasp, yet networked science rolls on. The question is how we will ever make sense of scientific topics that are too big to know? The short answer: by transforming what it means to know something scientifically.

Human readable data vs machine readable data

There’s too much to know – reductionist strategy for knowledge

From a pyramid to a web of knowledge – filtering forward

A better representation of complexity

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