Web service for document anonymization using advanced NER

Contact Person -   Romain Henri


Image recognition app for damage analysis on vehicles

Contact Person -   Romain Henri


Pattern recognition to predict childhood nervous pathologies

Contact Person -   Romain Henri

Personal robot assistant

Personal robot assistant, 3D printed robot torso with moving limbs. Head is a screen. Robot can welcome people entering a building at the reception desk, pointing you to the right direction

Contact Person -   Maaike Ruisendaal

Digital Twin of slot racetrack

Digital Twin of slot racetrack, implementing digital twin technology and adding AI to control race car on one track and have the other track available to race against the AI. Visualisation and interfacing with (toy) slot racetrack.

Contact Person -   Maaike Ruisendaal

Modular IoT

Modular IoT, building demo kit for IoT and IIoT solutions. Providing insight in various sensors and sensor data that can remotely pick up signals, store the data in the cloud with a (smart) dashboard to give insights. This will be a portable kit with case for easy travel

Contact Person -   Maaike Ruisendaal

Logic Signal Analyzer

A logic analyzer may convert the captured data into timing diagrams, protocol decodes, state machine traces, assembly language, or may correlate assembly with source-level software. We are building our own to capture multiple signals in parallel

Contact Person -   Maaike Ruisendaal

Power Platform library

Design thinking, UX design & development of apps based on Power Platform (seats reservation, Sogeti onboarding app, feedback chatbot…) made with Microsoft Power Platform

Sogeti Delivery Experience portal

SogetiHub portal for customer Delivery Experience, in which high-level follow-up of project events is offered to customers in order to visualize the projects & services with Sogeti.

Contact Person -   Elliot Ribas
Albert Tort

Virtual visit 2.0

Sogeti Spain virtual office (Unity). A new version with OBS realization for adding real people and presentations is almost completed. An environment for offers/proposals presentation is ongoing.

Contact Person -   Montse Bassas
Albert Tort

SmartQA Lite

SmartQA lite platform with scheduling of data refresh and use cases execution, and with predefined dashboard (not dependent from PowerBI). Integration to SogetiHub is ongoing.

Contact Person -   Albert Tort
Jordi Martinez


Joint project with S2V esports to offer “gamers segmentation” of brand’s fanbases.

Contact Person -   Albert Tort


Data Information Governance (DIG) for managing ETL, with administration layer made with PowerBI

Contact Person -   Jacinto Guerra

Easy SmartGates

Tool for non-technical people for the configuration of quality gates thresholds in DevOps pipelines

Contact Person -   Albert Tort


Swimming sensor for collecting data and analyse it

Contact Person -   Maaike Ruisendaal

Sonarpanel prediction

Prediction of the energy collected by sonar panels

Contact Person -   Maaike Ruisendaal


Insights in Social Media comments, so you can react immediately on these comments

Contact Person -   Maaike Ruisendaal

Virtual Showroom

A virtual showroom where customers can see what Sogeti NL does about innovation

Contact Person -   Maaike Ruisendaal


An interface build for teachers to reach student at school ánd at home combined with different webcams.

Contact Person -   Maaike Ruisendaal

Rack & trace

Tracking in shops etc. to learn more about the best way to sell different products (where to place in the shop?, how many people touched the product? Etc.)

Contact Person -   Maaike Ruisendaal

Chatbot (SELLy Botfolio)

To give the right information about references, offer information etc. without searching manually in a database

Contact Person -   Maaike Ruisendaal


Development of a mobile app for children with a disease to have social contact with fellow sufferer to make sure the children aren’t lonely

Contact Person -   Maaike Ruisendaal


Bot agent on the deep dark web mimicking human behaviour in order to identify emerging trends and malware

Contact Person -   Mathis Hammel


Predictive map of environmental/human impact

Contact Person -   Régis Mathieu


Neural interface

Contact Person -   Raphaël Fauches


3D environments of SogetiLabs

Contact Person -   Romain Henri
David Guillonneau

Innovative Home Schooling

An interface build for teachers to reach student at school and at home combined with different webcams.

Contact Person -   Maaike Ruisendaal

Brain activity to play a simple computer game

Use brain activity to play a simple computer game like Breakout or Pong

Contact Person -   Maaike Ruisendaal

CO2- Smart Workspace

Start-up phase of CO2 neutral Smart Workspace

Contact Person -   Maaike Ruisendaal

OSS automation

An attended RPA solution is implemented at OSS to speed up and simplify the process. OSS works with a lot of data processing. RPA helps the employees with the repetitive manual work.

Contact Person -   Maaike Ruisendaal

PoC for customer Noordhof

The process of teacher registration is fully automated with RPA. This significantly increases the throughput, lowers the expenses of seasonal workers, and eliminates human mistakes. Furthermore, the time of a registration is brought back to a single day.

Contact Person -   Maaike Ruisendaal


The HR employees perform a lot of manual and repetitive work. Several attended robot solutions have been build resulting in the employee “working together” with the robots. RPA makes the process less sensitive to errors and it reduces the time significantly.

Contact Person -   Maaike Ruisendaal


Synthetic data generator for a variety of use cases

Contact Person -   Maaike Ruisendaal
Dany Tello

Our Sector Offerings in Chatbot

These demo chatbot solutions in healthcare, insurance and provide demo use cases in these various sectors:

  1. Healthcare
  2. Insurance
Contact Person -   Vijay Raghani

ChatOps solution with PowerPlatform

Connecting tools in the middle of conversations

Link to the solution

Contact Person -   Roji Philip