SogetiLabs is a community of over 150 technology leaders from Sogeti worldwide. SogetiLabs covers a wide range of digital technology expertise: from embedded software, cybersecurity, deep learning, simulation, and cloud to business information management, IoT, mobile apps, analytics, testing, Low Code, Chatbot, Semantic Search, Intelligent Experiences, Extended Reality, Connected Products, ADA & CDP, Microservices, AI-Image Recognition and blockchain technologies. The focus is always on leveraging technologies, systems and applications in actual business situations to maximize results.

SogetiLabs provides insight, research, and inspiration through articles, presentations, and videos that can be downloaded via the extensive SogetiLabs’ presence on its website, online portals, and social media. Together with our clients, we turn these insights and ideas every day into reality, often accelerated through our THiNKUBATOR model.

Meet SogetiLabs

SogetiLabs is a community of over 150 technology leaders from Sogeti

Integral part of SogetiLabs is VINT, the Sogeti Research Institute for the Analysis of New Technology, founded in 1994. VINT provides a meaningful interpretation of the connection between business processes and new developments. In every VINT publication, a balance is struck between factual description and the intended utilization. VINT uses this approach to inspire organizations to consider and use new technology.