Test Manager – The Quality Translator and Coach


Communication is key to understanding. Understanding the needs of everyone involved in a project from the design, development, delivery and beyond to the users is critical to success. But when we are working remotely, in different time zones, or even different rooms, how to we help make sure that everyone understands what the other teams means when they talk about quality? Eva Holmquist talks with Andrew Fullen about how the test manager has become a key player in translating the different understandings between teams.

Eva Holmquist


Eva Holmquist has more than thirty-two years of professional IT experience, working as a programmer, project manager and at every level of the testing hierarchy from a tester through test manager. She has also worked with test process improvements and in test education as a teacher and with the development of courses including a Swedish ISTQB Foundation certification course and TMAP - Quality for cross-functional teams. She's also an experienced speaker, for instance she talked about the role of the Test Manager in the new digital landscape at TestForum 2021, and she's the author of the book ”Praktisk mjukvarutestning” (Software Testing in Practice). Eva works as a Senior Test Specialist at Sogeti helping clients improve their testing practices using her broad experience in system development, process improvements, and education.

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