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What is Service Virtualization? -Best Tools

Sogeti Labs
August 31, 2020

The top needs for associations creating software are to show development expenses and application quality. Three choices generally used for taking care of this limitation issue are in-house, engineer composed code, restrictive tools, or open-source tools including Mockito. But there is a much better solution to it – Service Virtualization.

So what is Service Virtualization?

Service virtualization is a computer-generated implementation of a software product with all components incorporated. While the original product may still be under deployment. Service Virtualization provides software development and QA/testing groups the access to dependent system components that are required to implement a software under test but are unreachable or difficult-to-access for development and testing purposes.

For example, let’s say you are building up a web-based business application and you are incorporating a payment method. Right now, would be hard to over and again test a credit card’s transaction function without making a payment with your card. Be that as it may, on the of the chance that you could precisely imitate the payment method function and test or create off it, you could test your web-based business application the same number of times you needed – with no limitations or a dread of being charged. So this before deployment test or exercise can be done through service virtualization.

Tools of Service Virtualization:

Here, is the list of top Service Virtualization tools with their features and links to download them

1) Parasoft Virtualize

Parasoft Virtualize encourages analyzers to get reasonable and finish test conditions to create or test an application. It assists in making a practical recreation of test conditions. It permits full power over the test condition.


  • Simple design of complex test conditions 
  • Separate testing process from time-boxed access to the outside framework
  • It helps with finding execution issues
  • Reenact service and complete test conditions by catching live framework conduct.

2) Traffic Parrot

It makes it simple for testers and developers to do service virtualization, deriding, and remaking. It makes tests quicker and with less exertion by giving test systems and mocks of backend APIs and outsider frameworks. Both junior and senior designers and analyzers think that it’s simple to begin by following the instructional exercises accessible on the web.


  • HTTP(S), JMS, IBM MQ back up
  • To help engineers and analyzers for both manual and computerized testing.
  • Perfect with Docker, Kubernetes, and OpenShift. It is perfect for testing microservices. 

3) Wiremock

WireMock is test system device for HTTP based API. It allows you test any event, when an API doesn’t exist or if it isn’t complete. It permits checking of an edge case and failure modes that the genuine API may not ready to deliver.


  • Vigorous and power API URL demand coordinating.
  • Record and Playback tool.
  • Facilitated Mock API service.

Find out more:

4) Mountebank

It is an open-source tool that can execute multi-protocol tests. The codebase is Node JS.


  • It plans to be completely cross-stage, with local language ties
  • SMTP, HTTP, TCP, and HTTPS can be tested by it
  • Much of the time updated, develop, and stable.

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5) Hoverfly cloud

Hoverfly cloud is a coordinated service virtualization arrangement. The structure is starting from the first stage for incorporation, programming, and execution. You can improve virtualized services to effectively deal with the heap from the framework under test.


  • Effectively deployable on Google, AWS, Google and Azure cloud
  • Virtualized services are naturally provisioned as a component of the test arrangement
  • You can scale on request dependent on the exhibition necessities for your tests
  • Considers reporting utilizing existing test tools

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Why use Service Virtualization?

  • Causes you to quicken Application Delivery while alleviating business dangers.
  • Permits the groups to work in equal
  • Permits you to Test Early and frequently which uncover imperfection when they are quicker, most effortless and least exorbitant to determine.
  • Encourages better test inclusion.
  • Gives you a detached situation for testing

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