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VINT Symposium talks by Harrie Vollaard (Rabobank) on a Big Data roadmap & Christiaan Alberdingk Thijm (SOLV) on privacy

Sogeti Labs
June 29, 2012

The talks by Harrie Vollaard and Christiaan Alberdingk Thijm are in Dutch. Fortunately there is plenty of content in English for our non-Dutch readers to enjoy as well. You might want to check out talks by David Weinberger or Andrew Keen. Vollaard, Innovation Manager at Rabobank, explored the role of Big Data in being the New Gold Rush. As for relevance: Big Data is supposed to be the new virtual wave. And for insight: Big Data might well be the new decisive decision tool we all are waiting for. Finally efficiency: Big data simply shouts for a new IT infrastructure consolidation phase. But how will this all play out in future? Perhaps not that previously ‘Recorded’ at all? VINT Symposium 2012: Recorded Future | Harrie Vollaard (Rabobank) from Sogeti VINT on Vimeo. Christiaan Alberdingk Thijm (SOLV) on the future of privacy   Christiaan Alberdingk Thijm is one of the founders of SOLV advocaten, a dutch law firm specialized in technology, media and communication. He is known for defending KaZaA, a peer-to-peer service, against the Dutch music copyright organisation Buma/Stemra. In this presentation Thijm talks about social data and the future of privacy. VINT Symposium 2012: Recorded Future | Christiaan Alberdingk Thijm from Sogeti VINT on Vimeo. You can share your own vision on and experiences with Big Data on our blog. Check out the topics we would like to discuss or download our report on Big Data and join the conversation. 

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