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Privacy, IoT, Big Data & Security – not to be missed free download and e-books

Sogeti Labs
April 16, 2013

I always admire people who are able to communicate a coherent and realistic Grand Vision. That’s why I like to promote the effort HP undertook last year in publishing two little known but nevertheless great e-books. They are presented below, by their main table of contents. On the combined and extremely topical issue of Privacy, the Internet of Things, Big Data and Security a big picture with some interesting figures arises in only these few words: “In a world where everyone is connected, where there are 1 trillion sensors and huge increases in the amount of data being stored and analyzed, today’s security systems won’t be able to protect our privacy or keep us safe from determined cyber attackers. Free download from VINT: Privacy, Technology and the Law. Big Data for everyone through good design. By 2020, security systems will be more adaptive and dynamic in order to automatically thwart attacks from an ever-increasingly sophisticated threat landscape. Security systems will harness intelligence to proactively anticipate and take action against cyber threats – they will find risk before it finds you. Security systems will harness intelligence to proactively anticipate and take action against cyber threats. In 2020, Senior IT Executives will be addressing the following top security and risk management concerns (percentages indicate extreme concern): 67%        Data privacy and information breaches 66%        Lack of skilled resources to effectively manage security 63%        Risk associated with increased consumption of application and IT services across public, private and hybrid cloud 54%        Intermingling of personal and business technology (BYOD etc.) 51%        Disruption caused by natural or man-made disasters 46%        Failure to seize on the latest technology to protect systems and data” Here are the two e-books from HP: HP’s Grand Vision – Book I (pages 0-272) – Enterprise 20/20CIO 20/20Apps Dev Center 20/20Marketing 20/20IT Operations 20/20Employee 20/20 HP’s Grand Vision – Book II (pages 0-74) – Security 20/20Mobility 20/20 BTW: the whole journey starts here, and as far as I can see now there will eventually be 6 books or “chapters.” Enjoy!

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