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The Good, The Ugly and The Tester

Sogeti Labs
December 26, 2016

In almost every movie, TV show or book, there are always three basic characters: the good guy, who does everything right and, after some problems, has a happy ending, the ugly, who is very nice and helps the former to make his dreams come true, and the bad, who tries to avoid that happy ending.

Likewise, in every software development project, we can say we have these three characters. I’m not going to say who the good and the ugly are, but I’m sure many of you have pointed out who the bad guy is: the tester. That horrible person who does everything in his power to destroy the hard work of the programmers, developers and analysts: finds defects, says when the application does not fulfill the client’s requirements, detects improvements that can make the application better and indicates the lack of quality. That horrible person who says that what they have done is not good enough and points out every tiny mistake.

Wow! Testers are really bad people, aren’t we? Of course, we are not! I think it is time for everyone involved in software development to see the tester as a colleague who works on the same team and whose goal is to ensure the quality of the application we are building together. That’s why we point out the defects detected in the program before they can be found out by the users. That’s why we say when the application doesn’t fulfill the client’s requirements before it is found out by the client. That’s why we point out the possible changes which can improve the program and facilitate the user’s work. That’s why we indicate the lack of quality in the application so that it can be corrected before it is discovered by the client or the user. If we were bad people, we would just sit down and wait for the train to crash. And, since perfection doesn’t exist, there is no doubt it is going to crash.

But we are in this together. We don’t want the train to crash. We all want to succeed. We all want to build the best application we can. We all want to have a satisfied client and a satisfied user. That’s why I beg every programmer, every developer, and every analyst to please stop seeing our testers as the enemy. We are not the enemy! We are on the same team! Our common enemy is the lack of quality and we must work together to avoid it. That way we all will have our happy ending.

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