Expert talk: @SteveBaker, @Ted_Dunning and Jacob Spoelstra on the future of privacy

Our second report on Big Data will be about the Big Social: the huge data sets coming from social networks and how we can apply (predictive) analytics to this data. In this context privacy is a huge issue. It is such a undeniable issue that we will also adress this topic in a upcoming research report. Regarding privacy a lot of questions come to mind: Who owns social data? Can consumers also benefit from their data as a currency? Can we create a marketplace for data where both business and consumers have agency in ownership?

Steve Baker, Jacob Spoelstra and Ted Dunning share their thoughts on how we can perceive privacy in this day and age and how data might benefit consumers more in the future.

Steve Baker: “If there is a big enough market for privacy, I think rich people are going to buy their privacy. It is going to be an enhanced service.”

Ted Dunning: “We have come to the end of all meanings towards privacy”

Jacob Spoelstra: “Trading data for benifits”

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Thomas van Manen is an analyst at VINT. Thomas is working of VINT's Design to Disrupt research project dealing with the accelerating speed of innovation and the design principles of disruption. Thomas is also working on designing mobile experiences for wearables and the internet of things. More on Thomas


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