Webinar: Why gender matters in a digitalized world?


Digital technologies hold immense potential to improve people’s economic and social outcomes, yet challenges remain regarding access to and use of these technologies.

The benefits of the digital transformation are currently not equally balanced between societal groups and genders and access, use and ownership of digital tools are not gender-neutral. The term “digital gender divide” is frequently used to refer to these types of gender differences in resources and capabilities to access and effectively utilise ICTs within and between countries, regions, sectors and socio-economic groups

Watch the webinar to know why gender matters in the digitized world.

Kamel Abid


In summer 2014, Kamel Abid celebrated his 20th year as an IT professional, while swimming among computers and keyboards since the age of 5. Today, he manages tens of experts & architects, involved in complex transformation and integration of IT infrastructures in Grand-Duchy of Luxembourg.

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