Introduction to Qiskit


You have learnt about the basics of Quantum Computing from the previous session.

We are now back with the second session on the Introduction to Qiskit. Qiskit is the IBM’s open source python-based Framework. It accelerates the development of quantum applications by providing the complete set of tools needed for interacting with IBM quantum systems and simulators.

Find out more about the basics and how to program a real quantum computer using Qiskit by taking a look at this video.

Julian Velzen


Julian likes to pioneer. Equipped with a master degree in physics, he put Capgemini's quantum technology efforts on the map, and now leads the computing futures (bits/qubits/neurons) domain from within the group's CTIO++ community. Furthermore, he initiated and led project FARM, a big data solution for small-holder farmers in developing countries.

More on Julian Velzen.

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