TechTalk – Building the right Test Data Management capabilities


As digital solutions become even more data-intensive, organizations need to invest in testing these solutions with production-representative data. Given that delivery cycles are accelerating and solutions are becoming increasingly integrated, many organizations need mature Test Data Management (TDM) capabilities. This requires a healthy mix of infrastructure, tooling, practices and governance. A new maturity model (TD3M) was developed by a dedicated SogetiLabs circle to support organizations making smart decisions on TDM. 

In this webinar, we will share more details on Test Data Management capabilities and the TD3M model. 

Bart Vanparys


Bart has carried many titles in his 20 year career. He’s been an analyst, tester, quality assurance consultant, test manager, project manager, BI developer, quality manager, change manager, CoE lead, program quality lead… A constant has been his search for ways to deliver value through IT solutions in a controlled and safe manner.

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