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Intelligent RPA using Machine Learning

Mihir Punjabi
May 02, 2019

Last year, Sunil Kumar, Senior Consultant, and myself, from the HiTech Solutions team, DEMS-India, were invited to deliver a session on “Intelligent RPA using Machine Learning” at the Robotic Process Automation (RPA) Conference held in Mumbai. The message “RPA is gaining traction to automate high-volume repeatable tasks, but, adding intelligence to RPA will enhance the ability to solve business problems” was well received. The session successfully enabled the audience to start thinking towards intelligent RPA for possibilities in their respective domains. The session received an overwhelming response with queries going on during the tea break session. The audience also requested for more sessions on these lines, especially covering real-life use cases! The feedback received from the organizers highlighted that the audience saw great value in the session delivered. Please take a look at the slides for details and feel free to reach out to me at Download the slide here. 

About the author

Principal Solutions Architect – AI, EI, ML | India
Mihir Punjabi is a Principal Solutions Architect focusing on Artificial Intelligence for Edge devices, Cognitive AI and Digital Assistants. He is responsible for solution architecture, technology development and market research. He is passionate about building innovative and practical solutions to solve customer’s business problems.


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