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24X7 BOT – Monitoring u0026amp; Repetitive Process for Managed Service

Sogeti Labs
June 02, 2023


The purpose of this article is to introduce automation for L1.5 monitoring, 24×7 job failure, month-end close, and other operational support processes. The goal is to use bots to automate manual processes and manage run operations without human intervention.


Bots are utilized for L1.5 monitoring support, 24×7 job failure/recovery, month-end close transaction processes, MIM initiations, and problem ticket management for P1 tickets for managed services. The purpose of the bot is to identify manual or repetitive processes in managed services and automate them using automation tools such as Automation Anywhere, UI Path, or RPA.


There are several common triggers that prompt the use of automation, including reducing team member effort and increasing productivity by automating processes. Bots can be easily integrated with SNOW, 24×7 server, SQL server, Outlook, and can be available at any time. Auto-reports, emails, and alerts can also be generated.

Problem Statement:

Operation support is typically dependent on human interaction for repetitive processes or monitoring. In emergency situations, there may be a delay in the response/process, which can negatively impact customers

Proposed Solution:

A 24x7_BOT will be developed using automation tools such as Automation Anywhere, UI Path, or other RPA tools and integrated into the managed service.

Introduction of Solution:

The 24x7_BOT will provide operational support for managed service accounts.

Future/Long-term Focus:

The focus of the 24x7_BOT will be on monitoring and recovery for operational support, with a view to enhancing the quality of service.


The estimated ROI is 20 FTE per managed service account.

IT Benefits:

The use of bots helps to avoid manual work, monitoring, and repetitive tasks, ultimately enhancing the quality of service while reducing costs.

Cost: The cost of implementing bots is outweighed by the benefits of increased productivity, reduced costs, and enhanced service quality.

Client Satisfaction: The use of bots can lead to increased client satisfaction due to faster response times and improved service quality.

100% Availability: Bots can be available at any time, ensuring 24×7 availability of operational support services.

This article was submitted as part of the SogetiLabs India Hackathon’s blog and whitepaper contest.

Author – Balaji R | Service Delivery Lead, Solution Architect

Balaji has 19+ years of experience in Project Management, Requirement gathering, Analyze, Architecture design, Design, Development, Deployment, Testing, migrations, Knowledge Transition, Documentation and maintenance of  applications. Has more than 15 years of extensive experience in SharePoint Online, SPFx,Azure ,DevOps, SharePoint Migrations, SharePoint 2019, 2016, 2013, 2010 ,MOSS 2007, SharePoint 2003 and ASP.NET development projects.  
Excellent communication, problem solving skills with good team management, interpersonal skills. Has worked extensively in multi-site projects. He has Successfully executed  30  plus  SharePoint Projects and received appreciation from various clients/leads.

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