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VINT SYMPOSIUM. @SimonHania (TomTom): “We Profile Roads, Not People”

Sogeti Labs
June 13, 2013

Hania Simon Hania, Chief Privacy Officer at navigation services company TomTom, stated that Cloud Computing, Location Services, Big Data and the Internet of Things are today’s main technology trends to threaten trust. Location privacy is top of mind with bloggers, press, regulators, enforcers, legislators and users as connected cars with downloadable apps are quickly becoming the norm. TomTom is in the business of profiling roads, and sharing that information among its users. The company uses community input with permission to provide realtime navigational information at several levels. Every TomTom customer remains in control of their personal data. As soon as anyone turns his TomTom navigation device off all data delivered cannot be traced anymore. Avoiding re-identification is key. In this context, every company must be able to truthfully and correctly answer five privacy questions, which stem from the overarching issue of how personal data is legitimately acquired, processed, stored, shared (if applicable) and destroyed: 1 WHAT personal data are we processing? 2 WHY do we do that? 3 WHEN can we destroy personal data? 4 WHO will have access and will be accountable? 5 WHERE do we process and store personal data? The answers to these questions serve as the key ingredients for a sound Privacy-by-Design and Security-by-Design approach of every digital solutions and services portfolio. For more information, check out Simon Hania’s slides.

For more coverage of our VINT symposium follow the blog. We got more blogs coming up in the next couple of days. You might also want to download the Dutch report: Your Big Data Potential: The art of the Possible. Photos of the event are on Facebook. 

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