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VINT SYMPOSIUM. ESA Astronaut Andre Kuipers Demonstrates How To Think Out Of The Box

Sogeti Labs
June 14, 2013

Kuipers The European Space Agency ESA, which also happens to be very much into the Internet of Things, on two occasions had the honor of sending Dutch astronaut André Kuipers (@Astro_Andre) into space. Mr. Kuipers appeared as the first keynote speaker at the VINT Symposium 2013, to demonstrate the ultimate way for human beings of literally thinking out of the box. That is what merging the Internet with Things is all about. Today, Mr. Kuipers said, some 80,000 people want to be launched to Mars on a life-long survival mission to explore the possibilities of establishing human colonies on other planets in our solar system. In space, very practical things have to be dealt with. One marvellous example is urine/water recycling. Thanks to space trips distant visions become tangible, for instance creating clean energy through nuclear fusion with Helium-3 mined from the moon. This idea is already decades old. Mr. Kuipers concluded his inspiring breath-taking talk with this video: Sky-Walking on Thin Air – How Space Station Sees Earth. For more coverage of our VINT symposium follow the blog. We got more blogs coming up in the next couple of days. You might also want to download the Dutch report: Your Big Data Potential: The art of the Possible. Photos of the event are on Facebook. 

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    One thought on “VINT SYMPOSIUM. ESA Astronaut Andre Kuipers Demonstrates How To Think Out Of The Box

    1. We can all think out-of-the-box. That is ‘prepacked thinking’. I believe Andre means ‘thinking outside the box’. I hope that’s what he means 🙂
      I once got corrected when speaking before a native English audience 😉

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