[Video] Is it Possible to Have a Complete Autonomous Shipping Port?


Is it possible to have a complete Autonomous shipping port? Where can the existing surveillance cameras be made intelligent to provide an autonomous experience? What does this mean? –

  • Completely unmanned port entry
  • Tracking shipment, employees and visitors to ensure restricted access achieved through collaboration between the surveillance cameras.
  • Swarm Intelligence and collaboration between the unmanned port entry, port crane and autonomous truck.
  • Autonomous Transparency where machines will put accurate data on the blockchain to take blockchain transparency to the next level.

Sounds exciting! Take a look at the video and if this does interest you in any use case, please get in touch.

Mihir Punjabi


Mihir Punjabi is a Principal Solutions Architect focusing on Artificial Intelligence for Edge devices, Cognitive AI and Digital Assistants. He is responsible for solution architecture, technology development and market research. He is passionate about building innovative and practical solutions to solve customer’s business problems.

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