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TechTalk – Democratizing Enterprise Innovation with AI and ML

Sergio Compean
June 01, 2022

Many enterprises face the challenge of extracting insights and value from volumes of data to achieve innovative business outcomes. The barriers to data-driven innovation include skillsets, talent and an operational pipeline that is accessible to knowledge workers within the enterprise. It is often the case these activities are the exclusive domain of data scientists with extensive expertise in machine learning. But what if these activities were more accessible to business users so that they can be directly involved with developing deep insights from data to drive innovation within the enterprise? 

In this TechTalk, the Thinkubator Business AI/ML Framework for Deep Design will be presented to offer a perspective, with a toolset to enable democratization of innovation for products and services. A brief tour of the framework’s reference architecture will be provided before the Thinkubator Business technology partner SymphonyAI delivers an overview of their EurekaAI enterprise platform.   

SymphonAI will present sector-focused demos in healthcare and retail to illustrate how the platform enables democratization of deep data-driven insights for innovation. The demos will highlight the operational acceleration with the EurekaAI platform. Other EurekaAI capabilities such as advanced dashboards, low/no-code ML pipeline orchestration, AutoML, contextual intelligence and model management will also be discussed. 


Vijay Raghavendra: Vijay is SymphonyAI’s Chief Technical Officer. He is a technology leader and an entrepreneur with extensive experience leading technology teams in companies ranging from startups to Fortune 100. Previous roles include CTO at Acuity Brands, an industrial technology company, SVP of merchant technology at Walmart, and co-founder and CTO at Inkiru, a predictive intelligence SaaS platform company. Before Inkiru, Vijay led the payments and revenue engineering team at Zynga, served as the senior director of risk product development at PayPal, and was the head of architecture at eBay as part of the team responsible for rebuilding eBay’s technology stack.

Eric Murray: Eric is SymphonyAI’s Vice President of Customer Success. He leads technical sales and support across all SymphonyAI solutions, focusing on the public sector. Eric is an engineer with extensive experience in software development, data science and analytics, and customer-facing delivery roles. Previous roles include solution engineering at, technical director at Symphony AyasdiAI, and developing custom solutions for numerous defense and space agencies. Previously, he co-founded Eyes-Only Systems, where he led research and product development. Other roles include system engineering at AGI (Analytical Graphics Inc., acquired by Ansys in 2020) and program management at Raytheon.

About the author

Director | United States
Sergio Compean comes to Sogeti USA with extensive technology consulting and leadership experience in the areas of distributed systems software engineering and enterprise solutions. Sergio has been successful in building culture of innovation and entrepreneurship to develop high performing teams that deliver significant value to clients across market segments and project portfolios.


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