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Top 10 VINTlabs posts of 2012 – Part 1

Sogeti Labs
December 27, 2012

In two posts we will highlight our most read and shared posts from 2012. Today: part 1. On Privacy: We have met the enemy and it is us – Menno van Doorn The right to be left alone and the urge – or call it madness – to self-expose on new media is one of the biggest paradoxes in our society today. We could have an interesting philosophical debate on paradoxes, but the real consequences of Facebook narcissism, Twitter impression management, and our mobile phone usage, is that it directly impacts how judges deal with legislation. Creating Clarity with Big Data, or the Blessings of a Deluge [download] – Jaap Bloem In our initial research report on Big Data, the first of four, we give answers to questions concerning what exactly Big Data is, where it differs from existing data classification, how the transformative potential of Big Data can be estimated, and what the current situation is with regard to adoption and planning. The Future of the Company with Big Data: Insight or Execution, Evolution or Revolution? – Erik van Ommeren Innovation happens when good ideas are met with good execution. With a little bit of focus, it’s easy to find good ideas, through crowd-sourcing, an open management style and social tools. Fueling sales with social data: the story of Walmart Labs & the Social Genome – Thomas van Manen Walmart is one of the retailers who is really trying to fuel their business using big data. A big part of their efforts are based on the ‘social’ data we all share on networks like Twitter and Facebook. At their R&D development called Walmart Labs their busy adding data to the Social Genome, a tool that helps Walmart reach their customers based on semantic analysis of real time social media streams. The Social Genome provides Walmart with a layer of social metadata containing customers, topics, products, locations and events. Data becomes more intimate – Sander Duivestein Interesting in this context is the evolution that information has experienced. In the Gartner report Strategic Information Management for Competitive Advantage analist Mark Raskino shows a simple timeline for the information era. It is striking that over time the data is becoming increasingly more personal and intimate. Information technology gets under our skin and on top of that we are even starting to code life.

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