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Numerical Simulation: Mrs IRMA is not a magician!

Sogeti Labs
August 26, 2013

When people want to use Mrs. IRMA services, the expected benefits are to obtain revelations, information on the Future. This process is performed as a black box, that’s to say people give their inputs, and then take revelations in terms of output as face value without trying to understand how Mrs. IRMA has obtained this. In other words, Mrs. IRMA can tell what she wants… do you think so? What’s the matter with Numerical Simulation? Numerical Simulation could also tell what it wants within a black box process. As previously described, Numerical Simulation relies on an ability of reproduction (“Modelization”) which allows us to obtain predictions (“Simulation”). As an example, Modelization and associated Simulation applied to any structural mechanical parts are really easy to obtain with any Finite Elements Software tool. Automatic Tools are developed in order to allow this without any knowledge on Finite Element Theory. Nevertheless, associated results could be meaningless without considering and managing two fundamental aspects:

  • Ability of Reproduction is definitively connected with a solid Physical Sense for analyzing and understanding parameters of the reality to be reproduced
  • Power of Simulation is to induce results which have to be correlated with Reality, and this power is definitively depending on the Parameters of Reproduction we have targeted.
In other words, the parallel between Mrs IRMA and Numerical Simulation powers is that both possess a sharp expertise to analyze the Reality allowing them to achieve the expected Future… 3

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