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Top 5 SogetiLabs blogs from May 2022

Sogeti Labs
June 10, 2022

Take a look at our most read and shared blog posts from May 2022.

How to integrate IaC static analysis tools for Terraform

Willing to know how to integrate IaC static analysis tools for terraform? Find out in this blog!

NextGen Automation Testing – Coverage in Quality Engineering

Want to know how AI in Automation testing can create wonders! Grab a chance to know more!

Securing Enterprise DevOps Environments – a new eBook by Sogeti and Microsoft

Here’s a new ebook by Sogeti and Microsoft! Have a look at how to secure Enterprise DevOps Environments!

Solutions to the testing challenges when working agile at scale

Want to know how to deal with daily testing challenges at agile scale? Find out in this blog!

Disaster Recovery Pattern for Rest API Serverless APPs on AWS

Want to know about disaster recovery pattern for Rest API serverless APPs on AWS? Find out in this blog!

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