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The Dark Side of Social Media – provocative but very real!

Sogeti Labs
May 22, 2013

On May 20 we enjoyed a happy international launch. Sander Duivestein and I wrote this new report called The Dark Side of Social Media – Alarm Bells, Analysis and the Way Out. It’s all about the necessity of Digital Literacy and SlowTech — the Off Button and the Delete Button to quote Google’s Eric Schmidt. Our report is provocative but the issues are very real and their importance continue to grow on a daily basis. Read the pages and you’ll find a discussion that is factual, actual and passionate. As a matter of fact, The Dark Side of Social Media is about anything Social: social and mobile and cloud: hardware, software, any social media-related platform. Chatting, shopping, gaming, viewing, collaborating: from email to Facebook to YouTube to Social Business tools, and of course apps. We deliberately not take into account the overly known obscure, rude and vulgar places on the Web. The Dark Side of Social Media is about the wrong focus, about exposure, bad taste, bad manners and habits, distraction, disconnectedness, addiction, and perhaps above all counterproductivity. The risk amplified by digital media of not doing the right things while not doing right the things you find yourself doing.   The Dark Side of Social Media has a profound societal and personal focus and therefore is extremely relevant to organizations. The report’s importance has only intensified since the date of conception which approximately was some 30 months ago. The following seven scattered sources may serve to convince even the most firm skeptics: 1 –  The dark side of social media 2 –  11 Speeches On the Dark Side of Social Media 3 –  The dark side of social media: A new way to rape 4 –  Arian Foster and the Dark Side of Social Media in Sports 5 –  The Dark Side of Digital: Beware the Social Media Lynch Mob 6 –  Ex-LAPD Cop’s Rampage Brings Out Dark Side of Social Media 7 –  New series “Cult” and “The Following” show the dark side of social media So go download the report and discuss its contents with us.

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