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User communities build engagement and reduce cost

Joleen van der Zwan
April 15, 2021

Self-service leads to higher customer satisfaction, lower attrition and more educated customers. This results in a decrease of questions to support teams. In last weeks’ TechTalk I interviewed Kenneth Refsgaard (Insided) about the value of user communities. He showed me how a KPN customer, Peter G., posted over 35.000 reactions in 6 years. These were all answers to other users’ questions in KPN’s online user community.

But that’s not the only advantage of a user community. Customers are also much more engaged and even help drive the product roadmap, leading to higher NPS and increased feature adoption.

Kenneth explained why user communities are especially relevant right now, where they sit in relation to other channels (like phone, chat and chatbots), how the community content complements company content, and what’s in store for the future.

Watch the full TechTalk here!

About the author

Innovation Consultant | Netherlands
Joleen van der Zwan is an energetic consultant with broad experience in multiple industries and a variety of roles. With her passion for innovation, she provide customers with insights and advice on their strategy related to innovation and new technologies. Joleen is head of organisation for the SogetiLabs meetup events, held twice a year somewhere in Europe.


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