Principle-based approach in Enterprise Architecture practice – a DYA whitepaper by Sogeti


This paper gives more insight in the differences between principle-based and rule-based architecture approaches as well as the implications of choosing one over the other. The objective of this paper is to provide a sound basis for organisations to develop a well-informed perspective on how to effectively apply architecture principles within their own specific context.

This paper was first released in 2016. Because the content is in line with our vision on Sensemaking Architecture, it has been restyled and added to the series of white papers on Sensemaking Architecture.

Originally written by Marlies van Steenbergen and Ton Eusterbrock.

At the time of the 2022 republication of this paper, both the authors are not longer directly associated with Sogeti. To reach them, use LinkedIn. For questions on this paper and DYA, please contact

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Hans Nouwens


Hans Nouwens is an experienced enterprise architect with 20+ years of practical experience in the field of ICT, infused with rigorous academic learning. He works as an architect and trusted advisor, mainly for Higher Education institutes. Enterprise engineering, enterprise architecture and enterprise governance are his specialties that come with DEMO and CGEIT certifications.

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