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Architecture in this new world we live in – a DYA Whitepaper by Sogeti

Hans Nouwens
December 11, 2019

It has become clear that staying relevant is a different ballgame compared to fifteen years ago. The world has changed from a collection of complicated issues into a complex and often unpredictable set of problems. Innovative trends and hypes are popping up continuously, causing a flow of disruption and unpredictability. Knowledge and technology are democratised, free for the public and out there to stay.

In the article below, we define the elements that influence our new normal. We help to identify that what we do as architects is not all about technology, yet also about ethics and new ways of organising organisations. We conclude with a model, which provides an overview of the elements, portraying iterative causal relations with each other, together shaping a unique organisation. 

This article is written for the decision-makers within the organisation, new and old enterprise architects, and everyone who participates in an organisation — basically anyone who is looking for a holistic view of what is going on. 

This written piece is the beginning of a series that will result in a new book in the series of DYA-books. DYA is the view of Sogeti on architecture. We believe that enterprise architecture is not static but always moving. Organisations need to be dynamic to stay relevant. With the series of articles, we will discuss the following main topics: human-centric, flow-oriented, value-sensitive and discretionary. 

Download here.

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Marlies van Steenbergen, Ton Eusterbrock, Hans Nouwens, Edzo A. Botjes

About the author

Enterprise Architect | Netherlands
Hans Nouwens is an experienced enterprise architect with 20+ years of practical experience in the field of ICT, infused with rigorous academic learning. He works as an architect and trusted advisor, mainly for Higher Education institutes.


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