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Design for Chaos – a DYA Whitepaper by Sogeti

Hans Nouwens
November 22, 2021

Our grandparents and parents are well-known for saying that the world is moving faster and faster. Today, even our peers are stating that the speed of the world is exceeding their capabilities. Your peers and family are right. The world is becoming more chaotic.

Organisations must deal with this. Denial is not the way forward. In our third whitepaper in the DYA Sensemaking series, we provide insight into why chaos keeps increasing, and how to deal with this. We provide pointers on how to reduce the complexity and chaos in your context, and what to put in place to improve the resilience of your organisation and perhaps even grow towards antifragility.

Design for Chaos is the result of many years of research on this topic. Our goal is to help organisations in making sense of what is going on and how to act. 

The whitepaper is written for the decision-makers within the organisation, new and experienced enterprise architects, and everyone who participates in designing their organisation — basically anyone who is looking for how to deal with the current reality that is Volatile, Uncertain, Chaotic and Ambiguous. 

Design for Chaos is the third white paper in a series that will result in a new book in the series of DYA-books. DYA is the view of Sogeti on architecture. We believe that enterprise architecture is not static but always moving. Organisations need to be dynamic to stay relevant. With the series of whitepapers, we discuss the following main topics: human-centric, flow-oriented, value-sensitive and discretionary. 

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Marlies van Steenbergen, Ton Eusterbrock and Edzo Botjes, Antifragility Architect at Xebia

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About the author

Enterprise Architect | Netherlands
Hans Nouwens is an experienced enterprise architect with 20+ years of practical experience in the field of ICT, infused with rigorous academic learning. He works as an architect and trusted advisor, mainly for Higher Education institutes.


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