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And now end of net neutrality is near

Menno van Doorn
January 20, 2014

2 thoughts on “And now end of net neutrality is near

  1. I don’t like this a bit. It’s all about control.Bye bye freedom. 1st they will decide for you if you can use youtube or vimeo. Then they will control the content of vimeo and/or youtube. Then the good stuff dissapears. The autentic feel of the uploads will be gone, probably by marketing using productplacements etc. Vimeo or youtube or what ever sponsor will die because no buddy wants to use it any more. When do company’s get it, sometimes you have to let go the control to keep control.
    Yet on the other hand it will be hacked ofcourse. So you will get cheaper internet and you still keep your freedom of choice.

  2. Hi Jos,
    On the other hand, they don’t decide for you. You can still use whatever you want. It’s just that some content providers will be cheaper (sponosored data) when you use your mobile device on 3g/4g.

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