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How do Facebook and Google handle privacy and security?

Sogeti Labs
December 05, 2012

Big Data privacy is central to our third report on big data. When talking about privacy in the era of big data we must look at some of the big data vendors like Google and Facebook. They both have huge amounts of big data and both have dealt with big privacy concerns in the past and will be involved in the ongoing debate on how to organize privacy on the web. Both giants are in the same process at the moment. The proposed changes on Facebook could open the door for Facebook to build unified profiles of its users that include people’s personal data from its social network and from Instagram. In January, Google said it would combine users’ personal information from its various Web services – such as search, email and the Google+ social network – to provide a more customized experience. Unifying data form users across all services has great impact on privacy and security. The infographic below details several of the ways Google and Facebook are handling privacy and security. google facebook privacy security Infographic by Veracode Application Security

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