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Top 10 Blogs of 2015: Candy Crush Saga is Rigged!

Sogeti Labs
December 21, 2015

5 thoughts on “Top 10 Blogs of 2015: Candy Crush Saga is Rigged!

  1. Yeah I would have to agree with what you said . I have been stuck on the same rigged ass level for a few days I refuse to pay a cent because to me its rigged. Few times it looks like I am about to win and as you said ripped it out from under me . I got so mad I stopped playing it for good.. its all based on money you do not pay you do not win.

  2. Yeah this game is definitely rigged. If I come back after not playing a level in a while, i find it becomes much easier and I can usually pass it in within 3 tries. Also if I use a ton of boosters it is much easier to beat. The game is trying to lull us into spending money on boosters and such to beat levels easier, but it is definitely possible to beat it without any help tho. Just hang in there, and don’t succumb to the money suckers at King!!

  3. I am relatively new player to Candy Crush. Started maybe 6 months ago as I made Facebook account. It started as a casual flirt between us-I saw it there on my screen and it looked back at me, smiling. At one moment, while trying to pass some time, I did click it and entered the magic world of Candy crush Saga. And all the shit broke loose. It was exactly as you described it: the easy levels, the gold bars, the addiction. Slowly I got sucked in, mindlessly passing levels by doing, what the game was designed to do-buying my way through. For a month I just played and payed, payed and played. And then-I got a bill. Now, I have to tell you, that seeing an ACTUAL amount I spent on this game, made me fall on my ass. I had spent 80 euros on this crap!!! That was 5 months ago, I have since never spent a penny on any of the games there. The 99 cent lure is well planned. People often don’t realize, how much they actually spend, because the amount is so small. But it piles up and you have no way to keep track of it. Anyway, the game is rigged to follow a certain algorithm- lure,catch,pull, kill. There is no skill involved, nor logic behind winning and loosing the game. It is not even random. It is meant to make you feel you CAN win, but we know, that House always wins. Another issue I had with this game was the daily wheel spin-oh boy, don’t even get me started. That wheel is the most rigged thing ever. You spin it, it will either slow down or excelerate, depending on Jackpot’s position. Sure, it is possible to hit it, as people have done it, but it is not meant to give you any, since the point is to make you buy the boosters. I think, games like this, MUST come with a warning. I know, many think, that suckers deserve to lose their money this way, but I disagree. This would simply show people, what they are getting in to and if they still feel like getting in to it, well, no problem. It took me an actual bill from my bank to realize the trickery of this game. I hope many would wake up to the brainwashing and stop giving money to them.

  4. When I got to level 5000′ they sent me back to 4700. I emailed them, they told me they would put me back to 5000 if I agreed to give up all of my 1 star wins and drop my points to a certain number. I said no they shut me out of my game because I would not agree to this.

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