Build a quality-focused culture using InnerSource


Craft a quality focused business with training and InnerSource in your enterprise and improve buy-in across the organization that energizes employees.

Culture is the most crucial part of the adoption process of built-in quality. Training is crucial for everyone in your DevOps teams to understand not only their role, but also how it intersects with other responsibilities on the team.

Through cross-team knowledge sharing, the goal is for everyone to raise their quality awareness. Long-lasting success requires cultivating a vibrant and energetic community of people through adopting InnerSource practices, where teams share and adopt ready-to-use reference architectures, code, and common components to streamline and optimize their workstreams.

Clemens Reijnen


Creative thinker, solution and service builder. 20+ years of success with complex innovative software systems. Innovate on DevOps and to move to the Cloud and build Cloud services.

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