QuESt – Sogeti’s Quality Engineering Status Bot


Our solution for automating business metrics and KPIs

Metrics and KPIs are very important and crucial in making right strategic decisions for Business. But we all also know how cumbersome it is to collate this metrics data specifically in large engagements/multi-vendor setup. Manual extraction and formatting add further add challenges to it.

With customers transforming to Agile delivery models, the releases are so frequent that there if huge effort spent only on reporting which is at times not appreciated for the fact that it is not real time.

What is QuESt?

Our latest offering, QuESt: Quality Engineering & Status Reporting Bot, is our live reporting solution that will help the project stakeholder like QA Directors and Managers for taking the right decision during the project execution. In QuEST, the burden of collecting the right metrics is taken off your shoulder by making these metrics available at your fingertips

  • Provides the Defects KPIs including defect density, SIT vs UAT coverage and more
  • Conversation AI bot
  • Integration capability with multiple tools
  • Live Reporting for Project Health
  • Omni-channel capability
  • Conversation AI bot
  • Email reports and dashboards availability

Take a look at the demo:

Rohan Joshi


Rohan is a technical lead and architect within the Innovation tower in Sogeti Testing Practice. Rohan was instrumental in architecting a digital governance bot called ‘QuESt’ that leverages Azure bot framework, LUIS, MS Power Automate etc., enabled on MS Teams. QuESt connects LIVE with test management solutions such as JIRA, ADO etc. and provides the project/portfolio health on click of a button, thus improving efficiency and quality of testing and reducing the reporting cost. Rohan has designed ‘TestBoost’, an end-to-end cloud migration testing automation solution for automated testing of landing zone created through Sogeti Cloud Foundation and infrastructure testing. Rohan has also designed and architected ‘SmartData’, an automation engine for all types of ETL tests and data migration tests that parallelly executes source vs target DB queries thereby reducing the test execution time. It has been built using java, .Net, Databricks and MS Power Automate. In the past Rohan had developed assets for addressing various stages during the testing lifecycle including model-based testing (MBT), automated test script generation, identification of potentially duplicate artifacts etc.

More on Rohan Joshi.

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