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Software Quality as a Science

Fredrik Scheja
Jan 16, 2024

What happens with the profession when algorithms help us design, develop and test the software we develop? When quality assurance has turned into quality engineering and beyond? Let me take you on an inner journey that many of us can embark on already today. A journey towards a future when we embrace the full complexity of software development to its core and how that is going to affect our craft, how we think, talk and act.

Key take outs:

  • The definition of a complex system, why it is applicable and how to approach it
  • What we can learn from more mature science areas to trigger new mental models
  • How to be able to make professional predictions regarding software quality in a complex setting
  • Why we should make friends with data scientists and why this will become a fruitful partnership

About the author

Fredrik Scheja

Consultant | Sweden
Testing is the acts we do to ease our curiosity while we develop the things we love. I create models that enables faster understanding of complex matters for better judgments on our journey towards authenticity.

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