3 IT Resolutions for 2015


Bratislava_New_Year_FireworksThe New Year starts and now your business units are off to meet their goals. Where technology is concerned, check to make sure you are applying these three principles and embrace disruptive technologies so maximize success in 2015.

  1. Cloud prototyping
  2. Optimizing analytics
  3. Improving experience

Cloud Prototyping:

When projects start, typically organizations need to get hardware, software, and storage procured to begin development for a new IT system. The cost in time and money can be very high and erode the expected return on the endeavor. Instead, why not get space on Amazon, IBM, or Microsoft cloud environments and build cheaply in a throwaway environment for a low monthly cost.

Optimizing Analytics:

Agility in business is critical. Having the data required to answer known and unknown questions so that better decisions can be made is more and more important. Big Data promises to tackle this issue, but you must still have the data and know what questions to ask. An intuitive visualization also helps. One example I enjoy is Google’s finance charts where news articles are linked to points in time on a company stock chart. Much easier to know why a stock moved suddenly when you can read the reason all from one interface.


Improving Experience:

An organization’s customers all demand a simple and intuitive way to interact with the business. They expect the simplicity of the apps they use on their mobile device to also be available on the web and apps that they use in their jobs or when purchasing services. For instance, if I can track inventory in my pantry at home on a mobile device (Fridge Pal), why can’t I have that same capability at my job. Increasingly, employees and customers are going to seek to interact with a company first through a mobile device before a laptop or PC so be prepared to offer these capabilities in the enterprise.


Dan Luciano


Dan Luciano has been consulting with Sogeti since 2007 serving in various capacities and most recently as the Business Applications Practice Manager for the Houston, Texas unit in the US. In this role, Dan helps clients craft innovative solutions to solve complex business problems for the Oil & Gas market customers. He is passionate about making sure solutions not only solve the business problem but fit the technology landscape of the enterprise.

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