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Whitepaper: Ways to Perform Effective Blue Green Deployment in Azure Kubernetes Service

Santanu De
April 18, 2022

A blue green deployment model is an application release model intended to instantly transfer the traffic from the previous application version to the new version.

Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS) is a container service that simplifies the deployment, management, and operations of Kubernetes as a fully managed Kubernetes container orchestrator service.

As there is no built-in functionality in AKS to facilitate blue green deployment, it will require some planning and modifications in Helm files and object Yaml’s to implement blue green deployment in AKS.

In this whitepaper, we are going to discuss different ways of switching between the two versions using different objects of Kubernetes. Download here.

About the author

Senior Manager | India
Santanu De is a Senior architect having around 20+ years IT experience working on various technologies in Microsoft stack. He has worked on multiple cloud migration and modernization programs and architected many IT Solutions. Santanu has worked with various clients globally for digitally transforming client’s IT landscape using latest cloud technologies like Azure.


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