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VINTlabs Big Data Bookmarks: @ThomasvanManen

Sogeti Labs
July 26, 2012

As researchers we do a lot of reading. Every week one of the researchers shares the most valuable articles he has read. Consider these posts as a curated reading experience. This week: Thomas van Manen. Insights from Facebooks Former Head of Data Our second report on Big Data, which we are currently working on, is all about social data. It is no secret that Facebook has huge amount of social data, so gaining insights from Facebook’s former head of Big Data Ashish Thusoo is a smart move considering our new topic. What really appeals to me is his vision on opening up data sets and analytics for the whole organization. (link) How Big Data might mean better business for Big Banks Big data entails the potential to really disrupt industries. And this is exactly what ZestFinance is trying to achieve. Build by a ex-Googler ZestFinance uses big data techniques to supply the underbanked with needed credit. To achieve this the big banks need to jump in. Why? Read this article. Big Data and the Changing Economics of Privacy Privacy is one of the main concerns regarding social analytics. This post puts forward a new industry of ‘data brokers’, companies that mine different sets of data to sell personal data files starting at less then two dollars. The author argues for a ‘do not collect-system’ to help stanch the flow of personal information that is migrating online. Will this be enough?

Big Changes Are Ahead For The Health Care Industry, Courtesy Of Big Data
Every week, another startup announces plans to mine the world’s mountains of information for meaningful insights. One domain that neves has enough meaningful insights is healthcare. This article shows how we can actually put big data to work in a hospital.

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