September 25, 2019, by
We won at TechCrunch Disrupt, here’s how

With TechCrunch Disrupt San Francisco 2019 coming up, it's been exactly 1 year since we walked away with the biggest cash prize at the 2018 TechCrunch Disrupt Hackathon in San Francisco

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July 4, 2019, by
Revolutionizing Predictive Maintenance…

Advanced Analytics is rightly serving for Predictive maintenance of the system or machines and has wide range of industrial applications in operations planning for enhanced business benefits and overall throughput.

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May 7, 2019, by
Striking up a conversation is good for business

As the Capgemini Research Institute publishes a new report on digital mastery in financial services, I’m keen to explore an emerging topic; that of personalization.

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March 29, 2019, by
Whitepaper: Edge Computing in Internet of Things

Exponential increase and lowering the cost of generating data in the IoT demands a high volume of data to be stored on the cloud. Find out how edge computing can help IoT.

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February 27, 2019, by
IOT vs Edge vs Fog Computing

IoT vs Edge vs Fog Computing: What’s the difference?

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December 28, 2018, by
IoTFriday E42 | Smart building compatibility. One app for all?

Combining all smart building appliances to create one seamless smart building. Whether it be for smart homes or larger scale solutions a lot of applications controlling lights, presence detectors, temperature sensors, heating, smart locks, etc. need to be integrated. Is the “one-app”  approach the best solution? We look at the options of delivering API’s from...

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December 7, 2018, by
IoTFriday E41 | A cheap alternative to the big IoT platforms?!

A couple of big vendors have big platforms available for IoT solutions. They are around us for a while and have evolved into stable large scale solutions. What if you are a small company just starting with a small scale IoT solution? Where to start? We come to the conclusion that the big platforms like...

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November 16, 2018, by
IoTFriday E40 | The foldable phone crushes the tablet market

Today is ‘foldable’ friday. The first phones with foldable screens are released. We think foldable screens have some great new applications. The tablet marketing is at its peak and the next big think will be to go foldable! Think origami with a screen. Create all around view in cars, apply foldable screens to any surface...

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October 26, 2018, by
IoTFriday E39 | To gateway or not to gateway

Today we look at a mothership concept for IoT solutions that is not another gateway concept. Inspired by the book "Wired for War" by P.W. Singer (interesting read on robotics, drones and everything related) the mothership concept challenges our IoT architecture with less gateways.

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September 21, 2018, by
IoTFriday E37 | Your next product contains a distributed design

IoTFriday looks at the trend of dedicated chips. With the release of the new iPhones the Bionic A12 chip is introduced. It takes over a lot of tasks when taking photo’s. Qualcomm introduced the snapdragon 3100. A big step forward opposed to the last 2100 version. Smartwatches will benefit greatly from this in terms of...

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September 14, 2018, by
IoTFriday E36 | New tech topics unveiled

After the holiday season it is time for the new season of #IoTFriday. We present our new topics that are looked into and there is invitation for you to visit the IoTFriday Live event on the 21st of september (let us know if you want to be there as well @Eindhoven, The Netherlands). New topics...

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September 12, 2018, by
6 ways to outperform the Competition with Connected Products

With more and more organizations using the Internet of Things (IoT) to connect devices, systems, physical objects, and data, how do you ensure that your investment in connected products really does give you an edge over the competition? It appears that, despite their promise, a vast majority of IoT projects are non-starters in that they...

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July 25, 2018, by
IoT Device Interoperability- A Need to Accelerate Innovation

Typically, an IoT system or IoT Sensor Network communication is designed using one of the popular low level standard technology like Zigbee, Bluetooth Mesh, Z-wave, WiFi, etc for devices to collaborate with each other. This has made multiple devices bound to different protocol/technology over a period. One of the current IoT challenge is to add...

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July 23, 2018, by
A Scattered Reflection on IoT Technology Advancements

While IoT technology acceptance has been strong in some market sectors and for some uses, there are several issues that are preventing a more widespread deployment for some potential uses. For instance if the use of IoT in agriculture in-field deployments (for moisture and other remote sensing needs) then the problem of providing a suitable...

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July 6, 2018, by
IoTFriday E35 | High Tech Innovation Lab

Talking on a wide variety of IoT solutions and strategies, makes you forget on the stuff we do ourselves. Today we take a look in the Sogeti High Tech Innovation Lab in Vianen, The Netherlands. Ranging from 3D printed robot, printers, scanners, in-house electronics IoT design testing IoT and connected bridges, a wide variety IoT...

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July 4, 2018, by
Who’s the best Superhero

Watch my talk from eggplant’s ‘Performance Matters’ London event on performance testing & how we can relate it to superhero movies. Know the importance of having a broad view of future in testing domain & how we could balance the strength & weakness of current industry trends. Also know on how could the new technologies be use to us &...

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June 29, 2018, by
IoTFriday E34 | RPA and IoT

Great to see questions coming in. Today on #IoTFriday we take on a topic handed to us on RPA and IoT. Robotic Proces Automation and how it will work/help/benefit/improve (take your pick) #IoT. RPA can be put to very good use as the transition from “analogue” world processes to full blown “digital” world IoT solutions....

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June 21, 2018, by
[Webinar] Fish to Fork Blockchain Solution:

The solution being worked upon deals with a client who wants to create a marketplace of seafood products using Blockchain. The solution will allow Fisherman to directly sell on this platform and the restaurants to directly buy. Watch the webinar to learn more about this approach.  

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June 15, 2018, by
#IoTFriday E33 | In code we trust

We visited the conference #VINT2018 "In code we trust". Inspiration and great discussions on a hot topic at the moment: trust. Trust in products around us, trust in the governances using digital solutions for us, trust in data.In todays #IoTFriday we discus the day and talk to our VINT colleague Pepijn Pepping on the topics to come.

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June 13, 2018, by
IoT – The Way to Modern Industries

It’s a recurring fact that heavy industry relies on proven aging solutions and often disregards « new and hyped » technologies.  Over the past few years, IoT was considered promising in this field because it is relying on something, people that live in constrained environment know: hardware. Using this familiarity IoT entered industries by the R&D doors,...

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June 5, 2018, by
Smart Connected Product – Failed PoC? Next step..

A typical proof of concept usually covers technical feasibility of the concept within a context.  The definition of the PoC would be as trivial as the naivety of the proposer. Rarely enough the definition of the PoC is comprehensive enough to include reliability, cost, scale, security, quality of data, etc. Some other times even the...

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June 1, 2018, by
#IoTFriday E32 | Booklaunch Testing in the digital age

Today we are at the booklaunch of “Testing in the digital age; AI makes the difference”. Tom is the author of this book and we meetup with another author Rik Marselis. At the end of todays #IoTFriday we wrap up with a animation that summarizes everything for you. The book is now available to order...

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May 25, 2018, by
#IoTFriday E31 | Should We Fear Technology?

Did you watch the google IO and got scared of what technology is becoming? Or maybe it is just the next step in AI and tech and should we learn to use it to our advantage. To create better interfaces, for communication between people and technology and for the technology to technology communication instead of...

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