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Top 5 SogetiLabs posts from December 2019

Sogeti Labs
January 03, 2020

Take a look at our most read and shared blog posts from December 2019

Predictions 2020

The blogs and websites and social media are full of experts telling us what the predictions for the next year will be. Not wanting to be left out, I did some deep thinking (I even thought of using an AI to help) and put together a list of predictions for the next twelve months. Take a look here.

Service Virtualisation: The Future of it

Reduced time to market. Lesser cost. High-quality delivery. Learn about the many more the advantage of service virtualisation deployment in the current IT trends in this blog.

Architecture in this new world we live in – a DYA Whitepaper by Sogeti

This whitepaper gives a holistic view of Architecture in this new world we live in and also defines the elements that influence our new normal. Download now to learn how organizations can stay relevant in this new world!

Dev(QA)Ops: The Mount Olympus of the new software delivery civilization

DevOps is the Mount Olympus of the new software delivery civilization. And in the Mount Olympus of Dev(QA)Ops we have also the Twelve Olympians. Let’s take a look.

My topics for 2020

Edwin van der Thiel shares 5 exciting topics he’ll be covering in the coming year in this blog.

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