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Its that time of year already. The blogs and websites and social media are full of experts telling us what the predictions for the next year will be. Not wanting to be left out, I did some deep thinking (I even thought of using an AI to help) and put together a list of predictions for the next twelve months.

Jan. 2020

A software house releases some software

Feb 2020

Bugs found in recently released software

Mar 2020

Update to software causes problems for a bank

Apr 2020

Website crashes under load

May 2020

Security vulnerability found in a device; media predicts the end of the world

June 2020

Newspaper reports big tech company might be less than angelic

July 2020

Old social media post comes back to haunt someone

Aug 2020

First predictions for 2021 start to appear in the mainstream press

Sep 2020

End of life of a loved but little-used piece of software sparks nostalgic posts from several people

Oct 2020

The first warning of a cyber apocalypse coming on Black Friday – Cyber Monday, Christmas Sales

Nov 2020

Annual “but who will think of the children” post from media person over something tech-related

Dec 2020

Christmas and other holidays happen. Various presents delivered. But someone forgot to buy the batteries

Andrew Fullen


Andrew has been a managing consultant with Sogeti since 2009. In this role, he has worked on a number of major clients across government and private sectors covering tasks such as security test manager for a major government pan-agency project, helping with restructuring a bank rescued by the UK government during the financial crash, re-planning a major welfare project and architecting a performance policy and approach to address significant shortfalls in the delivered solution.

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