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Top 5 SogetiLabs blogs from October 2023

Sogeti Labs
November 09, 2023

Take a look at our most read and shared blog posts from October 2023.

The modern enterprise architect must make room for creativity

The role of enterprise architects is evolving! In this blog, we explore the shift from strict boundaries to fostering creativity and inclusivity. Learn how architects are adapting to dynamic times.

The Metaverse is “Dead”

Explore the transformation of technology in our latest article. The Metaverse may be “dead,” but VR/AR training simulations are alive and thriving. Safety, cost efficiency, and a brighter future are at the forefront.

Delta Lake with Azure Synapse: Unleashing the Power of Data

Discover the magic of Delta Lake and Azure Synapse in Marijn Uilenbroek’s latest article. Explore how these tools are reshaping data management and analytics.

Opening Pandora’s Box

How is AI reshaping our perception of historical accuracy? Alistair Gerrard’s latest blog explores the challenges of truth and authenticity in the age of computing.

People Centric Information Security – Part V

Dive into the world of People Centric Information Security with Kasper van Wersch. In Part V, he reveals the crucial steps to set secure information processing requirements within your organization. Don’t miss it!

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