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Top 5 SogetiLabs blogs from March 2020

Sogeti Labs
April 03, 2020

Take a look at our most read and shared blog posts from March 2020

How Sogeti runs hundreds of UI tests in parallel for free

Far from the error-prone methods of UI testing, take a look at a comprehensive solution where we can manage our tests, execute them and see results with just one button click!

What is DevOps LifeCycle?

DevOps Lifecycle: Everything you need to know about DevOps Lifecycle phases/stages.

[Whitepaper] ‘Data acquisition done better, cheaper and faster’

Jorus Everaerd describes a solution designed to tackle data acquisition problems. Download the whitepaper to learn more about the advantages.

How to make the most of Office 365 for smarter Workplace Collaboration

The aim of this article is to discuss the life cycle of content, be it in any form, and offer guidance to the right Office 365 Tool based on the context. 

Webinar: Quality for DevOps teams

The DevOps culture is the enabler for this way of high-performance IT delivery, using an automated CI/CD pipeline to deliver at speed. But how do you deliver value with the right quality using DevOps? Find out.

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SogetiLabs gathers distinguished technology leaders from around the Sogeti world. It is an initiative explaining not how IT works, but what IT means for business.


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