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[Whitepaper] ‘Data acquisition done better, cheaper and faster’

Sogeti Labs
March 12, 2020

Peter Drucker once wrote: “What gets measured, gets managed”.

In manufacturing today Digital Manufacturing (DM) is the next step in process optimization. Where Lean was driven by insights from people close to the process, DM is driven by data gathered from the production process. But getting data out of machines that were not designed with data gathering and connectivity in mind can be (made) very complicated and expensive. 

In this whitepaper we describe a solution with the following advantages:

  • Data acquisition done better, cheaper and faster
  • Gain insights in your Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE)
  • Get a solution that can be deployed quickly without any impact on operations
  • Realize a platform that can be extended with Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) sensors for better understanding of the working & optimization of equipment

If you are interested in a solution to data acquisition problems, or would like to discuss data enabled process optimization please download our whitepaper here.

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