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Sogeti Labs
Jan 11, 2024

Take a look at our most read and shared blog posts from December 2023.

The Test Manager of the Future

Test Managers stepping into new roles! Steve De Smet predicts a shift in responsibilities, from AI Analysts to People Coaches. Explore the diverse skills expected from the Test Managers of tomorrow.

Executive Summit ’23 – The Myths of Generative AI [Keynote] by Tijana Nikolic

Empathy or Illusion? Exploring the boundaries of AI’s understanding. Join the discussion on AI’s capabilities and the human touch it lacks 

Three concrete measures to make your IT more sustainable

Dive into three actionable measures transforming IT sustainability. Location shifting, time shifting, and demand shaping – learn how these strategies are reshaping the digital future.

Architecting Sustainable Microservices: Design Patterns and Best Practices

Uncover the secret to sustainable microservices! Dive into our latest blog by Mustafa Akhterul where he explores design patterns and best practices reshaping the landscape of software architecture. Read now! 

VRaaS: The Rise of Virtual Reality as a Service

Say hello to VRaaS! 🚀 No hefty investments, just seamless access to a world of virtual experiences. From remote collaboration to educational immersion, VRaaS is paving the way for a new era of accessible technology.

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