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Top 10 post: u0026quot;Mobile is not apps or tools, Mobile is a strategyu0026quot;

Sogeti Labs
January 03, 2014

Over the holidays, we will repost the top ten most popular blog posts of the year. This is one: Marc1There’s a clear misunderstanding of what Mobile actually is. When approaching new costumers of the ‘Mobile era’ we often have to go back to basics and state it loud and clear: An iPhone App does not make a Mobile Strategy. An application is only an implementation of a tool needed to drive your business, so the reality is that you have to sync your Mobile Strategy with your overall business strategy; start first by thinking about what process you need to achieve your goals and then identify the tool that will serve this purpose, not the other way round. Marc2A Mobile app is not isolated from your existing flows, tools or systems. In other words, a Mobile Strategy is not a silo: it is a part of your business in all its aspects.. You can think of Mobile as a bridge or a connector between the Traditional and the Digital Marketing words that touches every aspect of your business. Why would you isolate it in an app! Marc3When you build a mobile strategy, do not loose yourself, start creating the ‘minimum viable product’: keep it simple. The best way to create an effective Mobile strategy is by building up on experience: start with the simplest tool that works for your needs, get some feedback, check what you really need and what is useless, what is effective and what needs to be redesigned, so that your Mobile strategy grows consistently within you overall business strategy. Last but not least, keep in mind that Mobile is all about the User Experience. The ‘End User’, whether it is a customer or an employee, is the one that will judge your strategy eventually. People’s attention span these days is ridiculously short, and so is their patience. And what good will your tool be if no one uses it?! Roberto Grassi mainly contributed to this article.

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