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Top 10 Innovation Lab Best Practices

Andreas Sjöström
October 01, 2015

One thought on “Top 10 Innovation Lab Best Practices

  1. nice read !
    Point 4. …… fed into the Innovation Lab….
    Would like to add. — Please do make sure that the person who came up with the idea at least has the feeling the idea is not “stolen” from him. So include him.
    Q: Do you agree that if you want to make sure to make the innovation lab a succes. You have to create room to fail and change KPI’s accordingly. So don’t solely give them KPI’s that measures succes.
    This way all new idea’s (which all have a risk of failing ) will never make it.
    Q: How should the organisation and their departments so they will be able to support good idea’s
    Q: Aren’t point 2,3 and 4 enough just to gather up good idea’s ?

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