“What do you want to be when you grow up?” A testing professional!

doctor-02“What do you want to be when you grow up?” Becoming a doctor, a lawyer, a policeman or an architect are examples of popular answers to this well-known question, since all of these jobs have been traditionally conceived as contributors to social challenges. Nowadays, testing is also a profession that impacts society, although this fact is not so evident at first sight. Over the last decades, software has become an intrinsic part of business and society. In the United States, for example, the National Institute of Standards and Technology reported in 2002 that software errors cost the U.S. economy an estimated $59.5 billion annually. [Read more...]

Why would a project leader need a coach when he already has a manager? What about having more “manager coach”?

-up-clipart-14A majority of  large projects are always in trouble (showing partial or complete combination of overspending, delays or a reduction in their expected scope) or abandoned (“failed” – along the way by their sponsors), while only 16% of projects are considered successful (report of Standish Group in 1994, still valid 20 years later)! However, in each of these IT companies or departments, the “management” layer is present and there is no reason why it should be considered as inefficient “a priori”. So, why doesn’t it succeed regarding project management, and, coming back to our previous posts, why would a coach be more efficient than a manager? [Read more...]


pridenovel“It is a truth universally acknowledged that a developer in possession of a good software product must be in want of a tester.”

Last week I was re-reading one of the best books ever written, “Pride and Prejudice” by Jane Austen, when a crazy idea came to mind: the relationship between a developer and a tester is quite similar to the one described by Austen in her novel. [Read more...]

Big data analysis requires some back to basic statistics principles

Autism_Awareness_by_thisfleshavengedThe recent blogpost “this piece of data is lying!” (part 1 and 2) showed that the devil hides in the details and what we observe from data (i.e. correlation) could be false. In this new series of articles, I would like to elaborate on that and give some more examples of statistical bias we must be all aware of in order to not be fooled with big data statistical results. The content of this series is inspired by a data science course of Washington University in the USA (Bill Howe, Data science, autumn 2012). [Read more...]

In search for lazy testers…



Recognize this? It’s that time of the month again: time to regression test the monthly and quarterly batch jobs. No one has touched the code, but somehow there’s always some inadvertent error that has found its way into the ‘not changed’ code. So, here you go again: setting up the regression test environment, preparing and loading test data, checking interfaces to back-end systems… Two days of painstaking hard work requiring undivided attention, to prepare the test run that takes ‘only’ 4 hours – and then another 2 to 3 days to verify the results.

Not the nicest week of the month :-( THEN STOP DOING IT! STOP WORKING SO HARD! You’re an IT professional, behave like one. [Read more...]

Cloud usage flavors for Development and Test teams

featured39@wdd2xThe Cloud for teams has many forms. [Read more...]

Don’t be afraid of the customer

ValueThe Technical University of Delft offers its curriculum not only on campus, but also as a MOOC, a massive open online course. Thousands of students all over the world are able to attend lectures. So I learned at the opening of the academic year of the University of Applied Sciences of Utrecht, which I attended as I recently joined this institute as a part-time researcher. A MOOC enables universities to reach out all over the world and students to receive education that before was unattainable to them because of practical reasons. To me, the MOOC is one of the many examples of technology changing the ways organizations, or for that matter, consumers, conduct their business. Other examples are crowdfunding, which, according to a recent news bulletin, enables consumers to buy their dream house without involvement of any bank, and of course the familiar examples of Airbnb and Uber. [Read more...]

Leading Digital: top-down leadership is essential

Rick1Only 6% of all companies focus on corporate digital transformation. These companies – mostly high tech and media groups – are driven by the convergence of mobility, analytics, social media, cloud computing, and embedded devices. The rest – 94% of the companies in our current economy –is simply not ready for the technology driven 21st century.

The facts above are taken from the book: “Leading Digital, Turning Technology into Business Transformation”. The book, written by MIT’s Sloan Research Scientist George Westerman, Capgemini Consulting’s Senior Vice-President and Global Practice Leader Didier Bonnet & MIT’s principal research scientist Andrew McAfee gives an overview of the current digital transformation landscape. But it does not end there. Westerman, Bonnet and McAfee provided a 12 step roadmap that must support companies of the ‘old’ economy transform into real digital masters. [Read more...]

Before You Jump into Big Data Lake!

Dove-Lake_from_South-2008Big Data Lake is generating the hype unseen since data warehouses were first introduced in the early nineties. With all the excitement, some organizations are really wondering if the magic wand to solve their data integration is finally here. High return on investments in business intelligence results from the actionable intelligence that can be weaved into strategic and day to day operations of an organization. [Read more...]

Scrum world domination

world-dominationSince I started working at Sogeti in 2007 I have made it a point to bring Scrum to the company, my colleagues and the customers I work for. This has been an active choice because I believe in Scrum.

When people ask me what my future plans are in regard to Scrum I will tell them that my plans are Scrum world domination. People will laugh, they will joke with me at that point, but I am serious. [Read more...]