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Too Much, Too Early

Sogeti Labs
September 17, 2014

2 thoughts on “Too Much, Too Early

  1. I can absolutely back this. Using the right prototyping approach for getting the right questions answered at the right time is crucial, whether you evaluate with experts, users or even clients. The first general questions you need answered are those that are most expensive to change when implementation has started. From experience these are generally the dimensions of Concept, Functionality and Navigational Flow. If this is what you need reviewed, don’t build the rest.. It can wait until prototype fidelity increases.

  2. Earlier I had exactly the same experience as you describe in the article, with clients focusing on the wrong things when presenting a mockup that is too detailed. Later, I decided to always make prototyping a two-step process with lofi first. usually I find that two lofi iterations are enough before going to hifi. After that several smaller iterations are made with the actual app on actual devices to improve usability.

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