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The Two Most Important Metrics for DevOps

Kasper de Boer
February 11, 2016

4 thoughts on “The Two Most Important Metrics for DevOps

  1. DevOps is about speed, but mostly about agility: speed of change-in-course. It’s interesting that your argument above and the need for agility coincide on the need for shorter cycles, giving you double bang for the buck: quicker response times AND more efficient IT process altogether. Nice!

  2. Thanks for the article, interesting read.
    I think that you introduce a big risk if you focus this hard on WIP,. Why ? Well…
    It could/will give metrics that certain people will use as a control device. They will do everthing to create a great WIP and throughput. So they deliver at insane speed, but what they deliver is never used. Focus only on speed is not really handy in an agile setting.
    Tho.. speed is important that’s true, but for multiple reasons. One of them is Fail fast ! So you can learn and adapt. By doing so you can start create the right thing ( what people/users/clients need), stuff that actually works ads value and is used. A low WIP and high throughput wil get you faster feedback, so you can adjust to the actuall demand of the market. So you will have to answer a question first, why is speed so important to my company ? (in my opinion, not solely to deliver fast)
    It’s not very smart to measure succes with 1 metric, it’s more about how you interpreted the data. And use that data for improvements. There is no silver bullet. Your WIP could be so impresive yet it is all about the product that never is perfect, measure that ! (not by 1 metric please)

  3. Absolutely agree with author. I’ve tried hundreds of devops metrics and saw they’re useless. Then, after reading Theory of Constraints, I understood I can count the number of Jira epics or stories released to production as a measure of value company get. And the next my step was to devide it by the time teams spent on devops operations. So know I have a measure of effectiveness of any devops operation

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