Technology Labs Podcast: Sustainability (with Maheshwar Kanitkar)


Sustainability is a very hot topic right now. In this episode, we will talk with Maheshwar about this subject. Maheshwar is Global Quality Engineering & Testing Sales Leader at Sogeti Global. He has been researching sustainability for a couple of years now. 

During this episode, the following tech items are discussed:

New rules for people in self-driving cars

Boring Company raises additional $675 million as investors chuck money into holes in the ground

Daniel Laskewitz


Daniel is a Business Productivity Consultant & Microsoft Business Solutions MVP who is very enthusiastic about all things Office 365, Microsoft Flow, PowerApps, Azure & SharePoint (Online). Since the beginning of the product, Daniel has been working with Microsoft Flow and later on with Microsoft PowerApps. That led to him being awarded an MVP Award for Business Solutions. He loves to blog, present and evangelize about improving productivity in the modern workspace with these amazing tools!

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