Technology Labs Podcast: GitHub inner source and open source (with Jeff Beehler)


Collaborate on code, a 3D print stl-file or CAD drawing or on a document. Github is at the root of all of this. Now the world’s largest collaboration tool and full of features you might not have heard of. Together with Jeff Beehler from Github we talk you through the basis of Github, find out its latest and greatest features, and also how inner source can act as a quality gatekeeper for the outside world.

More information on Github is found on You can build your own Octocat here A live editor for your mermaid diagrams as used in Github’s Copilot: Collaboration is key and you can learn all about it in this Technology Labs conversation. We always start with a couple of tech updates. Here are the links to what we discussed:

Include diagrams in your Markdown files with Mermaid | The GitHub Blog

Ford makes it easier to 3D-print your own accessories for the Maverick

SpaceX lost 40 satelites because of electro-magnetic storm

Daniel Laskewitz


Daniel is a Business Productivity Consultant & Microsoft Business Solutions MVP who is very enthusiastic about all things Office 365, Microsoft Flow, PowerApps, Azure & SharePoint (Online). Since the beginning of the product, Daniel has been working with Microsoft Flow and later on with Microsoft PowerApps. That led to him being awarded an MVP Award for Business Solutions. He loves to blog, present and evangelize about improving productivity in the modern workspace with these amazing tools!

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