Sustainability in AWS Cloud


Innovation is key to achieving sustainability goals—challenges such as decarbonization of operations to water conservation are addressed through technologies that drive sustainable transformation.
Customers can build sustainable solutions ranging from carbon tracking to energy conservation to
waste reduction, using AWS services to ingest, analyse, and manage sustainability data using AI and
ML technologies offered by AWS.

Download the whitepaper to learn how moving to AWS can significantly help in lowering carbon footprint.

Krunal Shah


I'm a Certified Amazon Web Services (AWS) Solutions Architect with expertise in Cloud Migrations with more than 12 years of Experience in end-to-end cloud solutions. I’ve designed and implemented systems across all spheres covering from Planning and Solutioning of to-be applications to be migrated to cloud. I have delivered on multiple engagements for cloud migrations for multiple clients across USA, Europe, and APAC. My strength lies more in re-architecting apps to cloud using Cloud Native services which could be based on the serverless and microservices platforms. Apart from Cloud Interested in travelling and trekking.

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